Frequently asked questions

Clip-It is a Mobile App and Web developed by Tendam to support Visual Merchandising team in all countries and for all brands.

In an easy way you can share photos from the shops and storefronts and receive feedback, recommendations and approval of Visual Merchandising team.
A clip is any shared image in Clip-It. It will be associated with a season and store and you have access to it to make comments on it, edit it or see it among other features.
Any staff to another that is not in the list of supported corporately smartphone will not be supported.

Web browsers:
  • Internet Explorer v10.0
  • Google Chrome v27.0
  • Safari v5.0

  • iOS v8.0 to 8.2. iOS 8 is supported starting with iPhone 4S
  • Android 4.0 and 5.0. Huawei y Samsung
  • Windows Phone 8.0 & 8.1. Nokia Lumia 635

  • Asus T100
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
If you want to login with Clip-it, you must have a user who is active in the tool. You and your Area Manager should check if you're registered as a user in Clip-It and you have sent the corresponding invitation by e-mail.

If you have already received the invitation and you started sometime last session, you check that you're filling well the password (Uppercase, lowercase, numbers and characters).

If you still can not login it may be that your user is locked or inactive in which case, please fill in the support form.
Sure you can, even without wifi or data connection, Clip-it lets you work off-line and keep your actions. By the time you're online, the system will update all actions performed previously.
Yes, Clip-it send me an email to change my password every 42 days by corporate security
Clip-it closes my session by corporate security if I have not done any activity for 30 minutes.
If you're a visual merchandiser and you don't see your marks, countries or seasons please contact via email with your Area Manager because you might be has not taken sufficient permissions Clip-it or have misallocated attributes
Maybe you're trying to incorporate an image from a non-corporate device and if so, the system does not allow you to do.

If I'm adding a picture and I have an active season, Clip-it will not allow you to incorporate since you will not know where you want to store.
For safety Clip-it will not let you delete images and / or comments. If I had to perform this function for any reason, you must make a request to support users by completing the form in question.
Currently, this functionality will only be activated from the Web client Clip-it.
You can change your reports frequency by clicking on your user name on the right side of the web homepage.
If you have a registered Clip-it user and use the computer to access the store from a corporate web browser and do not have access, please fill in the support form.
If you have a user with access to Clip-it using the Web client but you don't have access from your corporate smartphone, please fill in the support form.


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